At Cash For Cars, we buy all kinds of vehicles. New ones, old ones, really old ones, and more. Whatever vehicle you need to get rid of, we're ready to take it off your hands and pay you what it's worth. Located in San Ysidro, we make the process easy, convenient, and enjoyable to eliminate the stress and hassle that's usually associated with selling a car.

We Like Big Cars – and Not-So-Big Cars Too!


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Vehicle Condition: The Good, the Bad, and Yes, Even the Ugly

A vehicle can be in great-looking condition, may show signs of wear and tear from years of driving on the road, or may show extensive physical damage from an accident. We don't care what it looks like or what condition it's in.

New cars

Perhaps you bought a new car that broke down right after the warranty expired, and you just don't have the kind of money that's needed to get the repairs done right. Or maybe you've realized that you can't keep up with the monthly payments and you're looking for a way to get out from under the debt and responsibility.

Old cars

You've had that car for so long that it's almost like it's a part of the family. When old reliable begins to fail and you don't think it's worth putting more money into yet again, it might be time to let her go. Or maybe you bought that project car awhile back with every intention of slowly restoring it to its original condition, but you just don't have the time or the funds to invest any longer.

Junk cars

Whether or not you'd like to admit it, you might just have a junk car on your hands. If it's been in an accident, needs extensive repairs, or no longer runs at all, there's no need to hang onto it. If you've held on because you didn't just want to let it go at rock bottom price to a junk dealer, you have a better option.

From an eyesore to what a sight, we take them all because we buy cars.

We'll Take It

Red cars, blue cars, luxury cars, and compact cars. At Cash For Cars, we make the process easy for you to trade in your unwanted vehicle, in good or bad condition, for money. Give us a call today and answer a couple of questions to get an offer.

If you want to sell your car in San Ysidro, Cash For Cars is here to help